Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 23 May 2022 20:52:14 +0530 en-us Manhole Covers Tue, 16 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Our company Jay Manufacturing holds an eminent position in the market today. We are the top manhole cover manufacturer Gujarat. We offer an amazing range of manhole covers made with different materials and in different shapes. We have a constant drive of innovation and we always search for a new and better method of production to service the needs of our customers. We aim to provide only the best quality products at an affordable price. Our products are certified by different companies and organizations. This shows that we have a quality-driven working aspect. We also have a wide clientele and we export products all around the nation. We are backed by a team of proficient experts and our company sees to it that every aspect of the business working should be flawless. Why Choose Us? We provide our customers with a wide range of products. Our products are highly in demand due to its amazing features and characteristics. The products that we supply are excellent in quality and have a long service life. This makes them widely chosen not just in Gujarat but also other parts of the country as well. With our products, we ensure that our customers get what they are looking for. We have an aim to reach the levels of success with perseverance and dedication. We also aim to provide our clients with a top range of products. Our company is fully equipped with highly advanced machines for spacious production departments. Our products are a robust and highly reliable range of products are available in our company. We are a client-centric company and we have taken extensive steps to provide our customers and clients with the best always. We have only top-grade products in our company that are flawless and have no manufacturing defect. Apart from these, there are many reasons for our customers to choose us. Some of which are as follows: • Quality driven methods are used for production. • We have an amazing team of experts in our company. • We follow transparent and ethical business practices. • We have advanced infrastructural facilities. • Our company provides timely delivery services We are one of the best manhole cover suppliers, Gujarat. Choose us and order our products today. Heavy Duty FRP Manhole Cover Tue, 16 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Jay Manufacturing is a reliable and recognised company in Gujarat, India. Our company has customers all across the nation who love and appreciate the type of products as manufacture and supply. We hold a great position in the market and we are known as the best heavy duty FRP manhole cover manufacturer. Our products popular and highly in demand in the market. The reason behind its popularity is the quality of our products. We use good quality raw materials for the manufacturing of our products in our company. These materials are carefully selected by our experts and professionals. Our products have amazing features and benefits. This is the reason why it is used by customers all around the country. Features • Waterproof The manhole cover that we have in our company is waterproof. It doesn’t absorb moisture and doesn’t get affected by water in any way. This neither changes shape not changes the properties and features due to water. Therefore choosing our heavy duty manhole cover is the best choice. • Weatherproof Another thing about our manhole cover is that it is weatherproof. The materials that are used to make these cover never get affected by the harsh climatic changes. The features and characteristics of the manhole cover remain intact. • High Strength Our heavy-duty manhole covers are strong and have amazing strength. The material used in the manufacturing process is the one responsible for its high strength. • Durability Our manhole cover is durable. They do not break easily and can be used in places where you see heavy traffic or continuous motion of vehicles. • Long Life This cover has a long service life. This is due to the other features of the manhole cover that we supply. Its durability, waterproofing and high strength make its service life long. The lifespan can be more than thirty years. • Temperature Resistant The heavy-duty manhole cover that we have is temperature resistant. This can withstand -40 degree Celsius to 80-degree celsius without any trouble. • Easy To Install Its lightweight makes it easy to handle this product. One doesn’t need a special skill or tool to install these covers. You can easily place them on the site without any problem. Order our products online and get it delivered at your doorstep. We are the best heavy duty FRP manhole cover supplier in Gujarat. Square FRP Manhole Cover Mon, 10 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We, Jay Manufacturing has the best quality wide range of FRP manhole covers. We have been in this industry for long and we understand what our customers demand. Today with diligence and hard work we have become the best square FRP manhole cover manufacturers in Gujarat. We have got years of experience in this industry and we use good quality materials to manufacture our products. The covers that we manufacture and supply are appreciated widely among all our patrons for their durability, strength and even crack resistance. Our professionals' design these products beautifully following global standards. All the raw materials that are used in our company for production is chosen according to the industry-approved standards. We have also appointed skilled labours and workers who are deeply engaged in providing an amazing range of premium quality products to our customers and clients. Also, marketing is handled by our professional who has great knowledge about the market. We offer our products to customer across the nation. Why Choose Us? We have qualified team members and advanced technology. To manufacture the high-quality manhole we are supported by the well-equipped infrastructure. This is the reason why we can execute our production process according to our way. Along with that our products meets high-quality standards. We have reliable dealings and transparent business policies. We have cost-effective solutions for our customers. Features And Benefits Easy To Install Our manhole covers are easy to install. These are extremely light in weight and can be placed easily. You do not have to be professional for thing work. It is extremely easy and hassle-free. Amazing Coverage We have covers of different shapes and sizes. These can be used to cover manholes and it provides great coverage. Can Withstand Wear And Tear Another benefit of choosing our covers is that it can withstand regular wear and tear without getting damaged. This is strong and durable and can last for decades with any cracks. Contact us if you have any question or query. Order our products online as we are the best square FRP manhole cover supplier India. Our products are affordable and reliable as well. Rectangle FRP Manhole Cover Tue, 16 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Jay Manufacturing manufacturers world-class manhole covers which are and with good quality products and amazing manufacturing process. The materials that we use make our manhole cover strong and increases its durability. The light yet strong material is perfect for making manhole covers. This can withstand the heavy wear and tear caused due to vehicular traffic. We also promise a strict adherence to high-quality standards. The manhole covers that we supply are suitable for all kinds of residential societies, terrains to roads. These features of our products make us the best rectangular FRP manhole cover manufacturer Gujarat, India. FRP has emerged as one of the most preferred materials for the manufacturing of manhole covers with amazing features and advantages over the cast iron or concrete covers for a manhole. Made with quality materials our covers have complete resistance to chemicals and toxins and also have a high strength to the weight ratio. Why Choose Jay Manufacturing Manhole Covers? Our company is trusted and certified in India today. We are involved in manufacturing an amazing range of manhole covers. Our customer usually belongs to railways, civil engineering and building industries. We are proud of ourselves on the quality of our products which are made with superior resin systems. We ensure that our products are durable even after heavy usage. We perform quality control tests to ensure that all our products pass the strictest of standards. We also offer a wide range of covers among which the rectangle covers are the best. We also offer customization on special requests. Our present designs include industry standards. Benefits Of Choosing Our Manhole Covers Light Weight The manhole covers that we manufacture and supply are easy to handle due to its extremely lightweight. You do not need any special training or skills to perform this task. Long-Lasting The service life of these manhole covers is more than thirty years. They can withstand the regular wear and tear due to the vehicular motions. Therefore choosing our company products is the best choice. Order our products online and get it delivered faster and easier without any hassle. We are the best rectangular FRP manhole cover supplier. Plastic Manhole Cover Tue, 16 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Our company Jay Manufacturing based in Gujarat is well-known in the market. We have gained a high position in the market and we are known as the best plastic manhole cover manufacturers India. The plastic manhole cover that we have is made with good quality raw materials and it is strengthened with the use of steel bars. These are corrosion resistant, can withstand high-temperature conditions, has no impact due to noise, resistant to friction and also are available in different colours. Why Choose Plastic Manhole Covers? These manhole covers solve the urban trap problems and have improved the conditions of the City road. Our plastic manholes have high strength, amazing appearance and also has advantages like anti-ageing, alkali resistance, long life, impact resistance, good design and amazing sealing ability. The price of the product is also less compared to others. This is not just it, there are more features of our manhole covers which is the reason behind its popularity. Our products are widely used in residential, municipal, water, gas, rain, chemical, communications, green and other industries. These can also be customised according to the customers and clients needs. This doesn’t cause any harm to the environment or the surrounding of the environment. This manhole covers are made with high-performance materials. It is suitable for a wide temperature change that is from -50 degree Celsius to 150-degree celsius. This can also withstand two million fatigue tests and have a service life of more than thirty years. Features And Benefits • These plastic manholes are extremely beneficial for your surrounding. This keeps the drainage and other such pipelines cover and away from human and animal reach. This is the best thing to choose to keep your surrounding clean as safe. • The plastic manholes are strong and durable and they can last for decades without any trouble. These don’t break easily and can withstand all kinds of climatic and temperature changes without changing the properties and features of the manhole. • One of the biggest benefit and the main reason for the popularity of this product is that it is affordable. This fits in your budget perfectly. Choose us and order our products in bulk. We are capable of catering bulk orders without any delay. With our products and services, today are known as the best plastic manhole cover suppliers India. PVC Manhole Cover Mon, 10 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Jay Manufacturing is one of the leading PVC manhole cover manufacturers India. Our company is based in Gujarat but we supply products to almost all parts of the country. We are successfully in the name of this field specialises in development, analysis and manufacture heavy PVC manhole covers in different shapes and sizes. Our company uses good quality materials and high technology machines to make the best plastic product like the PVC manhole covers. Our products are fabricated with the use of good quality materials. We offer high accuracy covers which are produced under the guidance of our experts and professional to meet the international standard quality. We are an ISO certified company. This gives us to pleasure to introduce our company as one of the best company for active growth-oriented and quality conscious engineering company. We are here to introduce ourselves as one of the best premium-quality manufacturers. We are giving our clients and customers the best services in every possible way. We provide our customers with authentic laboratory tests reports of the quality of our products. Along with that we also provide a large range of product available in different sizes, specifications and dimensions to meet the requirements of our customers and clients. Features Of Our Products Weather-Proof This is one of the best features of our PVC manhole covers. It is made with 100% plastic engineering materials. This is the reason why there are no chances of having any effect due to constant weather changes. This does not even react with the coastal sale air and water. Anti-Corrosion A PVC manhole cover is resistant to corrosion. This doesn’t corrode easily with time and remains intact as it is for years. These covers never rust. Anti-Theft The PVC manholes are cheaper and therefore it has less value than the cast iron manholes. There are hardly any chances that people will steal these covers. Easy To Handle The PVC covers are easy to handle due to its lightweight. Its extreme lightweight makes is one of the best products. This is also a reason why people love and appreciate our products. Being the best PVC manhole cover suppliers India we promise to deliver products on time at your preferred location. FRP Drainage Cover Mon, 10 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Jay Manufacturing is based in Gujarat. Our company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the amazing range is drain cover and manholes which include FRP drain cover. Today we are known as the best FRP drain cover manufacturers in India. We are widely known for the quality of the products that we have listed online and supply to our customers. The FRP manhole cover that we make in our company is manufactured with the use of thermostat materials which has long term durability. This material consists of a cross-linked polymer which is mixed with the fibreglass reinforced materials. This keeps it protected from the regular wear and tear and also for heavy load vehicular traffic. Compared to the cast iron and precast concrete this is 40% light in weight. This also provides more than five times more compression strength. These materials also can withstand the continuous exposure to sun or weather without sacrificing aesthetic or security. Uses Of FRP Drain Cover • This can be used for residential complexes and also for areas that are accessible for bicycles and pedestrians. You can use these covers for inspection chambers as well. • The medium-duty cover can be used in places where there are vehicular traffic, vehicles and passenger cars. It is also suitable for car parking areas. • Lastly is the heavy-duty cover which is used in the carriageways that have fast-moving traffic. This also includes trucks, bus terminals, city think and also vehicular traffic. Advantage Of FRP Covers • These covers are free from theft. You can also handle these quite easily without any problem. It is extremely light in weight and can be used for places with vehicular motions. • Due to rainwater or chemical and sewage, these FRP covers never rust or decay. • The service life is high and it doesn’t corrode. This also has a high impact resistance. • This is aesthetically rich. These covers are self pigmented. These do not need any periodical painting session for maintenance. • This is UV stabilised and the pigments are built in the materials. Therefore there is no peeling. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures. Therefore choose us and order our products online. We are the best FRP drainage cover suppliers in India. fiberglass woe roving mat Mon, 10 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530   With the help of our experienced engineers, we are able to design and develop a vast array of Woven Roving. products are used by a wide variety of customers across a range of industries, product offered by us are highly appriciated by our clients. Implanted to the fabric, this construction is dimensionally stable during the operating procedure.Features:- Long life- High performing reinforcement- Cost fiber glass chopped strand mat Mon, 10 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 FRP Surface Mat is mainly used as the surface layers of FRP products. It is characterized by uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, soft hand-feeling, low binder content, fast resin impregnation and good mould obedience. This line of product falls into two catalogues: filament winding type CBM series and hand lay-up type SBM series . CBM surfacing mat is most suitable for wrapping FRP Pipes and vessels because it is capable of significantly improving the performances of surface layer to realize longer lifetime and resistance against corrosion, leakage and compression. SBM surfacing mat is suitable for moulding with sophisticated contours while it is characterized by its good mould obedience and fast resin saturating, it is indispensable materials for high quality moulds and FRP products as it is capable of covering up the texture of under layers to create high gloss surface that give rise to improved strength and corrosion resistance .the surfacing mats in these two categories are also applicable to other FRP moulding process such as press moulding spray-up, centrifugal rotating moulding, etc. RequestCallback